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Inspection & Membership Fees - Guardianship Organisations

AEGIS is always pleased to hear from Guardianship Organisations which aim to offer the highest standards in the care of international students.

As a quality benchmark association, AEGIS requires Guardianship Organisations to follow a rigorous inspection process before they can become fully accredited.  Once a Guardianship Organisation has gained full AEGIS accreditation, an Annual Membership Fee is due in the autumn term.  All Fees are listed below.

Registration - £300 plus VAT

Upon receipt of the application form and initial payment the Guardianship Organisation will receive the AEGIS Inspection Handbook and Minimum Standards. 

Stage One - £850 plus VAT

To include inspection of Guardianship Organisation documents and policies and one on-site visit by the Lead Inspector

Stage Two 

15 students or fewer - £1500 plus VAT

16 students or more - £1850 plus VAT

Stage Two comprises a full inspection by Lead and Supporting Inspectors, to include visits to selected schools and homestays. The Guardianship Organisation will then receive a written report and recommendations where necessary.

Re-Inspection Fee - £2500 plus VAT

A condition of continued membership of AEGIS, in accordance with the AEGIS Code of Practice, is that every accredited Guardianship Organisation be re-inspected every four years.

Membership rate for the year 2018/19

Membership rates are based on the size of the Guardianship Organisation.

Basic fee £250 plus VAT

plus £4.70 plus VAT per student, maximum cap of £4,000 plus VAT for the year



Fully Accredited Guardianship Organisations will be expected to:

  • Adhere to the AEGIS Code of Practice.
  • Pay an annual membership fee due on the 1st September of each year.
  • Play an active part in AEGIS events/committees.