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Inspection & Membership Fees - Guardianship Organisations

AEGIS is always pleased to hear from Guardianship Organisations which aim to offer the highest standards in the care of international students.

As a quality benchmark association, AEGIS requires Guardianship Organisations to follow a rigorous inspection process before they can become fully accredited.  Once a Guardianship Organisation has gained full AEGIS accreditation, an Annual Membership Fee is due in the autumn term.  All Fees are listed below.

 Registration - £650 plus VAT

Initial registration documents and AEGIS Handbook for Accreditation
(This comprises a £150 administration fee. Please note that £500 is refundable to the Guardianship Organisation within the first six months of initial registration, should the Guardianship Organisation choose not to proceed to Stage One).

Stage 1 - £850 plus VAT

Scrutiny of Guardianship Organisation documents and policies and one on-site visit by Lead Inspector.

Stage 2 - £1500 plus VAT

Full inspection by Lead and Supporting Inspectors, followed by written report and recommendations.

Membership rates are based on the size of the Guardianship Organisation.

Membership rate for the year 2017/2018:

Basic fee £250 + VAT

plus £4.70 + VAT per student, maximum cap of £4,000 + VAT for the year


Fully Accredited Guardianship Organisations will be expected to:

  • Adhere to the AEGIS Code of Practice.
  • Pay an annual membership fee due on the 1st September of each year.
  • Play an active part in AEGIS events/committees.