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Irina, mother of Maria, writing to Alpha Plus Guardians

“The guardian you have for your child is like your extension there, only better. Even though most of the boarding schools have amazing facilities and very well trained people who make children feel like home and take good care of them, it is still very difficult for them to be away from their families. The guardian is always there when your child needs it. It might be a medical problem, or just a bit of homesickness , they might have a bad day or a problem at school. You know for sure that is the guardian, who will come with the right immediate solution. The host families for the children are always very carefully chosen and seems to be the perfect match, not to mention about the travelling arrangements you might need in the very last moment and are solved easily by the guardian using very trustworthy people. So, what at the beginning looked to be an extra cost imposed by the government, it proves to be a real necessity and big relief for the parents.”

Mothers of children under the guardianship of Heritage Educational Planning

"Dear Anne,
It is so thoughtful of you. The family really appreciates and I am sure Christian is as well.
I dreamed having a picture and you just made it come true!
Thanks again for the beautiful cake and it looks delicious, I hope he shares with the boys! Lucky boy and a gift, so nice."

"I rarely am at a loss for words to express my feelings but I find myself in that position when it comes to how you have planned this half term break for Andrew. How do I say thank you for all the thought and care you have put into it? From the planning to the wonderful host family I can tell great effort was made by you. I really hope and pray that wherever you or your family travel the same warmth and kindness will come your way."

 Mother of a child at Bootham School

"To say that you made our son's sojourn in Bootham School a pleasant one is an understatment. In fact you are the reason he completed his course there, and we will never forget this fact.  Hopefully he will make good enough grades in his IGCSE to enable him to go on to a Univeristy of his choice. The name Heritage Educational Planning will be forever engraved in our memory because you are such a wonderful lady and we sincerely do hope that someday somewhere our paths will cross again.  Thank you."

Emma Cheng, St Edward’s

“Boarding schools now offer immaculate pastoral care; it is mainly over the holidays when we need our guardians the most. On top of school work, there is nothing worse than having to worry about meeting new host families or feeling like an intruder at a stranger’s house when all your friends are going home with their parents. Fortunately, my host family has given me a very lovely second home in England. They are not only my host family, but also my ‘parents’; they meet my friends, come to my house shows and take me to London. Even ordinary routines like taking me grocery shopping and going out for a walk make me feel welcomed and at home. It is astonishing how easily and rapidly a relationship can form over two years and because of them I have never felt homesick or lonely. For that I am very thankful to the guardianship company, Quest Guardians, and it is what I would expect for other students in the future.”

Minnie, Lavant House School

“I am very glad that I found Bright World! I feel very secure whilst I am in England. There is a comprehensive back up from the "company". I always have my ''Buddy'' to contact if i need help or advice. My Buddy also happens to be part of my host family. I stay with Bridget, Les, and their children during half term and exeats. They are very caring and friendly, and provide me a comfortable environment. This is my second year with my host family, it’s been a new and great experience!”

Parents of Lixing, Bishops Stortford College

“I am so pleased to your service in the past one year to my son. I will introduce to my friends in China that Bright World is one of the best guardian company in UK. Tammy, thank you so much for what have done for Lixing!”

Mrs M Suan

“I found that Mr Chiu (Mission Links) is a very responsible, reliable, efficient and helpful person with high expertise and dedication to work. Having a good knowledge of education, Mr Chiu is always able to provide us lots of sound advice.”


“I was only 15 when I went to study in the UK. Mr Herman Chiu was appointed my guardian. During the past months, Mr Chiu has helped me a lot, whether it was academic problems, host family arrangements and many more. With his assistance and care, I settled in easily and quickly.”

Eunice, Wycombe Abbey

“I was really fortunate to have Pippa as my Guardian during my two years at Wycombe. Not only did she provide me with a kind and caring host family, but she also visited me twice a term. We had long, free chats and I felt like I could tell her anything - she was a breath of fresh air from outside the bubble of boarding school, helping to provide a broader perspective to any issues I had.”

Mother of Andy, Cheltenham College

“My two sons went to the UK at the age of ten. My thanks to Pippa’s Guardians is beyond description. Both kids have grown both physically and mentally under their instruction. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to educate their children overseas to use Pippa’s Guardians.”

Boss, Head Boy a King Edward’s School

"UK2Learn was my guardian for 4 years and their standard was constantly at the top level. They know their field of work very well due to their long working experience. For a general foreign student like myself, UK2Learn has not just support me physically, through their reflection from teachers in many parents conferences, but also mentally through moral supports.”

Mother of Hamilton and Dorothy

"Suzie at UK2Learn was so great in helping my children and whatever troubles and problems they had! She is now a big part of our family and we treat her as the British mummy to our children. She will be treated the best when she comes to Hong Kong!"

Parent of Tom & Tim, Dean Close Prep

“Dear Mrs Stevenson (White House) Your services to my two boys Tim and Tom for the past ten years have been excellent and I have in fact recommend WHG to a number of my colleagues in HK over the past years.”

Parent of Josephine, Brighton College

“Dear Di and the WHG colleague, We wish to express our sincere thanks to you all for the guardianship extended to Josephine in the last two years. She will continue her education in UK in the forthcoming years.”

Parent of Claudia, Casterton School

“Thank you very much for your kind arrangement. May I take this opportunity to thanks all your staffs extend their services to us within these 2 years especially Mr. & Mrs. Odgens, the host family who treats Claudia and other girls just like their kids. I am sure Claudia will never forget them.”