8th June 2018

By Aegis UK August 8, 2019

AEGIS and BSA announce ‘ground-breaking’ partnership

The BSA and the Association for the Education and Guardianship for International Students (AEGIS), the UK’s leading organisation for guardianship for international students, have announced a partnership to promote higher standards.

AEGIS and BSA will remain separate organisations, but AEGIS Chair Dr Helen Wright will attend board meetings of BSA, and BSA CEO Robin Fletcher will attend meetings of AEGIS trustees and AEGIS Executive Officer Yasemin Wigglesworth will also be joining BSA’s Senior Leadership Team.

In a joint statement, Dr Helen Wright and BSA Chairman Martin Reader said: “AEGIS and BSA are very excited by this ground-breaking partnership. Working in partnership means AEGIS and BSA can extend their services to members and work to raise the standards of guardianship.”