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Abbey College Malvern Joins AEGIS

By Aegis UK August 19, 2021

We are pleased to welcome Abbey College Malvern as an AEGIS member school!

Abbey College is a residential boarding school set on a 70 acre secure campus in Malvern. The College provides residential university preparation courses (GCSE, AS/A Levels, Foundation) and English Language courses (long and short-term) for students from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures. Courses are offered on a co-educational, fully-residential basis. They run over 30 different supervised sports and activities, which run according to numbers and the time of year, and are included in the fees, making it the ideal location for residential based activity vacation courses for children and teenagers.
As hosts to a fully residential international community the issue of welfare is extremely important to the college. There is a specialist Student Services department un by full-time experienced staff that are responsible for every aspect of student health, well-being and accommodation. Staff are aware that they are dealing with young people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures and are keen to provide a sense of ‘family’ within the school.