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AEGIS – the independent charity at the forefront of guardianship

By Aegis UK November 25, 2021

AEGIS plays a unique and critical role in the guardianship world, being the only entirely independent charitable body regulating the industry.  With safeguarding at the forefront of all that we do, our primary purpose is to ensure that international students studying in the UK are cared for and supported appropriately.  We do this through a well-established accreditation system which involves highly rigorous (some would say forensic) inspections, carried out by experienced, independent inspectors

AEGIS works closely with the DfE, the British Council and legal advisors to ensure that the correct frameworks and advice are in place to support our member guardianship organisations and schoolsAEGIS accreditation has become the hallmark of responsible safeguarding, and to many schools, agents and parents, it is now an absolute requirement in the care of international students

As well as our accredited guardianship organisations, AEGIS has a growing community of member schools, to whom we provide ongoing advice and support.  The AEGIS team has worked particularly hard throughout the pandemic to support all of our members in looking after students in hugely challenging situations.  As a registered charity, we rely on our membership subscriptions to support the vital work we do.  Our members are proud to demonstrate their commitment to the safeguarding of international students in the UK.

Safeguarding international students since 1994