Alpha Guardians passes AEGIS Gold Standard Re-Accreditation

By Aegis UK March 31, 2021

Based in Suffolk, Alpha Guardians recently underwent AEGIS Gold Standard Re-Accreditation, a process which is conducted every 4 years.
Trudy Jacklin, Program Director at Alpha Guardians, commented:

“The inspection process gave Alpha Guardians the opportunity to review, revise and consider both our work and policies regarding students, schools and host families.  Having an external auditor gives reassurance that Alpha Guardians is maintaining high standards throughout all areas of its work, which has been evidenced and inspected.  

The inspection process is thorough, with schools, homestays and students contacted during the inspection process, including some who were interviewed to confirm how Alpha Guardians supports them throughout the year.”

Congratulations to Alpha Guardians!

The inspector commented in the report, “It is evident that Alpha Guardians really care about the services and support that they are providing for students and their families.”

AEGIS Inspection & Accreditation

AEGIS has a longstanding inspection and accreditation process in place which has been ratified by a solicitor. Inspections are carried out by independent inspectors. Based on a set of Quality Standards, companies have to meet requirements and standards in order to be accredited. There are 11 key areas:
  1. Company Aims
  2. Management of Company
  3. Pre-Arrival Support
  4. Student Induction
  5. Travel Arrangements
  6. Homestays
  7. Student Folder
  8. Safeguarding, Child Protection & Welfare
  9. Complaints
  10. Day Students & Private Fostering
  11. Liaison with Partner Schools
Our processes are thorough for both Gold Standard and Preliminary level accreditation because guardianship organisations are providing child care services. AEGIS offers the highest level of inspection & accreditation for guardianship organisations.

Safeguarding the child is at the heart of everything we do at AEGIS.