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Dauntsey’s School Joins AEGIS!

By yasemin October 11, 2021

We welcome Dauntsey’s School, a leading co-educational boarding & day school for 11-18 year olds in Wiltshire, as a member of AEGIS.

The school aims:

  • To maintain the School’s strong academic profile by providing a balanced, progressive and innovative curriculum, delivered by a talented and committed teaching staff.
  • To provide a range of opportunities for pupils to become flexible thinkers, by stimulating intellectual curiosity through academic enrichment, independent learning and a complementary curriculum.
  • To maintain and develop the School’s outstanding pastoral care, within a diverse and inclusive community, ensuring the well-being of pupils and staff.
  • To provide a school environment which promotes self-confidence, well-being, a feeling of self-worth and emotionally resilient pupils.
  • To provide a broad range of extra curricular activities and opportunities, which develop pupils as adventurous, confident, articulate, tolerant and responsible individuals who are ready to take their place in the modern world.
  • To maintain the School’s strong commitment to boarding.
  • To nurture and develop the School’s commitment to the local community and to broaden access through a bursary scheme.

AEGIS member schools demonstrate their commitment to the safe guardianship and hosting of international students.