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Education Guardianship UK Ltd Awarded Preliminary Accreditation

By Aegis UK September 1, 2022

We are pleased to welcome Education Guardianship UK Ltd as a Preliminary accredited member of AEGIS. Based in Kent, the co-owners have extensive experience in parenting and caring for boarding students in educational establishments. This, along with their commitment to safeguarding means that they are well placed to meet their aim to support all students to fulfil their potential.

The lead inspector reported:

“The co-owners are clear that providing high quality care for students is at the heart of the business. As such, they have decided to focus on providing guardianship services to students attending schools within close proximity to their base. They consider it highly important that they as guardians are well-known to students and that regular communication is maintained with schools…

Education Guardianship UK Ltd has worked efficiently to ensure that all documentation meets the AEGIS requirements. They have demonstrated that they are highly organised and have a clear vision that places the students’ wellbeing and care at the centre of all that they do.”

Preliminary Accreditation is open to all guardianship organisations or sole guardians of any size. This level ensures that the essential standards are in place in order to provide safe guardianship. AEGIS offers the highest level of inspection and accreditation in the UK.