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Edugo Guardian Awarded Gold Standard Accreditation!

By Aegis UK June 13, 2022

We are pleased to welcome Edugo Guardian as a GOLD STANDARD accredited member of AEGIS! Edugo passed Preliminary level accreditation in March 2021 and has been working towards Gold Standard.

Edugo Guardian is committed to providing a safe and comfortable life for students while they are away from home and living in in UK. They cater in particular for South Korean students. Edugo Guardian also offers a school placement service.
In addition, Edugo Guardian offers various courses, including the British School Integration Programme which is ideal for overseas students seeking a short-term introduction to life as a British student. 

The lead inspector commented,

“The personnel involved are exceptionally committed to providing an excellent child centred service and model their procedures, practices and policies on the AEGIS gold standards. The company is clear to their parents and students as to what their aims are and ensure that their support of students fulfils their mission of providing high quality with compassion and safety.

All staff and host families are recruited in line with KCSIE and have contracts and handbooks as appropriate. The host families have comprehensive details collected from them and there is a profile created of the family to share with students.”

Gold Standard Accreditation is the most prestigious accolade that a guardianship organisation can hold. The inspection process is based on the AEGIS Quality Standards and a guardianship organisation has to meet all of the applicable standards in order to gain Gold Standard Accreditation. Inspections are carried out by independent, trained inspectors.