5 key benefits of AEGIS membership


You can work with the many schools, colleges and universities that recommend AEGIS accredited guardianship organisations to overseas parents.


We will promote your organisation on the AEGIS website and in our literature to families and schools looking for trusted guardians.


You will show educational establishments and overseas parents that you offer the very best guardianship services available.


You will receive our useful legal framework which outlines the responsibilities of guardian, homestay, school and parent.


You will have access to FREE safeguarding training for all your homestays and will receive discounted rates for all our events. You will become part of a network of professionals working together to improve guardianship standards in the UK.


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    Heritage is proud to be a member of AEGIS; an organisation which has pioneered the raising and defining of the standards of care children from overseas receive when studying at educational institutions in the UK.

    Heritage Educational Planning
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    Having been through the revised framework in our latest inspection (summer 2018), we would recommend it to any unaccredited guardianship organisation. It is contemporary and there is guidance to bring those in need up to a necessary minimum which will benefit the students under their care.

    White House Guardianships
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    How to become
    a member
    Preliminary Accreditation

    Preliminary Accreditation is open to all guardianship organisations or sole guardians of any size. Guardians can even apply before they recruit students. This level ensures that the essential standards are in place in order to provide educational guardianship.

    On application, you will be asked to submit the following types of documentation and information to the AEGIS office. A full list of requirements will be sent to you on application:

    Company documents such as handbooks, contracts and policies.
    Proof of insurance and ICO registration.
    Evidence of DBS checks undertaken on staff, volunteers and homestays.
    The process will also include a video interview with the AEGIS Head of Inspections.

    Providing the evidence and documentation meets the essential standards, you will be awarded Preliminary Accreditation Status which is valid for 2 years.  Within those 2 years you may wish to go on to attain the Gold Standard Accreditation, or simply reapply for Preliminary Accreditation after the 2 years.

    You will be able to display the Preliminary Accreditation logo, your company will be listed on our website, you will receive discounted rates for AEGIS training and conferences and unlimited support from the AEGIS office.


    Academic Year 2023/24

    Preliminary Accreditation Fee: £950 plus VAT
    Second Year Preliminary Membership Fee: £275 plus VAT

    Policy templates for the additional fee of £250 plus VAT


    Gold Standard Accreditation

    Gold Standard Accreditation is the most prestigious accolade that a guardianship organisation can hold. Guardianship organisations who have had a minimum of 3 students under their care for two terms are able to apply for Gold Standard Accreditation. However, guardianship organisations who do not meet this requirement should contact the AEGIS office for further details about how to proceed. The inspection process is based on the AEGIS Quality Standards and a guardianship organisation has to meet all of the applicable standards in order to gain Gold Standard Accreditation. Inspections are carried out by independent, trained inspectors.

    On application you will be asked to submit the contact details of the schools and homestays that you work with so that the inspector can interview a selection of school staff and students by video call.  A selection of homestays will be visited and vetted against a checklist of health and safety requirements.

    Questionnaires are sent to all overseas parents, homestays, students and schools.  The inspector will visit you or arrange a video call  so that you can demonstrate your  ability to meet the AEGIS Quality Standards. From the evidence gathered, the lead inspector will provide a detailed inspection report.

    Providing you meet all criteria, you will become a fully accredited Gold member of AEGIS for the next four years. Re-inspection will be due every 4 years.

    As a Gold Standard Member you will:

    • Receive the AEGIS Gold Standard Accreditation logo and be listed in the Gold Member section of the AEGIS website.
    • Be listed in the directory of Gold Standard Accredited Guardianship Organisations.
    • Receive guardian email requests from parents and agents via the AEGIS office.
    • Receive discounted rates at AEGIS conferences, training and events. Be able to submit articles to the AEGIS newsletter and website blog.
    • Receive unlimited support from the AEGIS office.


    Gold Accreditation Inspection (for companies moving from Preliminary to Gold within 12 months)

    Under 30 students:  £1200 plus VAT

    31-100 students:      £1300 plus VAT

    101-250 students:   £1400 plus VAT

    251-350 students:   £1500 plus VAT

    351+ students:         £1750 plus VAT


    Under 30 students:  £1500 plus VAT

    31-100 students:      £1600 plus VAT

    101-250 students:    £1700 plus VAT

    251-350 students:    £1850 plus VAT

    351+ students:          £2000 plus VAT

    Template policies are available to current Gold Members at £150 plus VAT for the bundle

    Fees valid from September 2023

    There is an annual membership fee based on the size of your organisation.
    The basic annual membership fee is £262.50 + VAT plus £5.05 + VAT per student (max cap of £4200 + VAT)

    Code of Practice for guardianship organisations

    As an AEGIS member you are expected to adhere to our Code of Practice.

    ● To promote and provide best and legal practice in the guardianship and hosting of all international students at schools/colleges/universities, particularly those under 18 years of age.
    ● To respect and support the rights, religion and customs of the international student.
    ● To uphold the stated ethos and values of the student’s school at all times.
    ● To comply with the 1989 & 2004 Children Act and meet the requirements of the most recent versions of the Department for Education Working Together to Safeguard Children and Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance.
    ● To comply with the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 and/or Children (Private Arrangements for Fostering) Regulations 2005.
    ● To ensure all international students have a 24-hour emergency contact in the UK.
    ● To put in place arrangements which maintain appropriate contact with the international student, the overseas parent and the homestay and to ensure all appropriate records are up-to-date.
    ● To provide both pastoral and educational support as outlined in any literature and agreements.
    ● To adhere to the AEGIS Quality Standards at all times.
    ● To have appropriate insurance for guardianship arrangements and to comply with UK legislation.
    ● To ensure that the AEGIS annual membership fee is paid in a timely manner, by the end of the first academic term.
    ● To respect the business practices of others and uphold strong business ethics.
    ● To be prepared to undergo re-accreditation every two/four years, depending on the level of accreditation held.
    ● To inform AEGIS as soon as possible if they are subject to any complaints or investigations that may cause reputational damage to AEGIS.