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Handcross Park School Joins AEGIS

By Aegis UK October 17, 2022

Handcross Park School is a co-educational, day and boarding Prep School for around 400 pupils aged 2 – 13. The School offers full boarding from the age of 8 for international pupils with English language skills that allow them to access the curriculum.

Taken from the School website:

International Language Programme (ILP)

For pupils requiring assistance with their English language skills and who show potential for their future studies, we offer the International Language Programme.
The International Language Programme is designed for children in Year 6 who have previously been educated overseas in their first language. It consists of a course of intensive English lessons throughout the year, which aims to provide pupils with the level of English they will need in order to integrate successfully into mainstream classes in Year 7. The programme covers the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, and it involves close study of grammar as well as the acquisition of as wide a vocabulary as possible, especially the specialised vocabulary required by the broad range of subjects that they will be studying in Year 7. Pupils are also encouraged to read widely outside the classroom. In addition to English, pupils are taught Maths, History, Geography and Science together as a small group, whilst joining the rest of their year-group for non-academic subjects such as Sport, Computer Studies and The Arts.

For further details please visit: https://www.handcrossparkschool.co.uk/admissions/international-pupils

AEGIS membership demonstrates the School’s commitment to safe guardianship of international students.