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Hope Guardianship Gains Gold Standard Accreditation!

By Aegis UK January 10, 2024

Hope Guardianship became an AEGIS Preliminary member in 2021 and has now successfully passed Gold Standard accreditation. Founded in 2013, Hope Guardianship offers a comprehensive service for Chinese students studying in the UK, with the opportunity to tailor this according to specific needs.
The lead inspector reported,

“Hope Guardianship use carefully chosen and vetted homestays who are experienced in hosting. Visit checklists provide evidence that accommodation is formally checked annually; however, the Director explained how she visits more regularly. Parents and students are provided with homestay profiles so that they have an idea of what to expect when they stay for the first time. The Director explained how students enjoy their stays, with homestays often going to great lengths to meet their needs, such as by cooking requested Chinese dishes.  In their responses to the questionnaire, all students agreed that they feel safe when at their homestay.”

Gold Standard accreditation is the highest level of accreditation for guardianship organisations in the UK.