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Icon Education Awarded Gold Standard Re-Accreditation!

By Aegis UK September 1, 2021

ICON Education is a well-established guardianship organisation. They provide a school placement and guardianship service for students, in particular Chinese students. Founded by a former international student who has a deep understanding of what parents, students, and schools are looking for, ICON has grown a team based in the UK and Asia.

The lead inspector commented,

“Safeguarding is taken seriously by the company and as well as ensuring regular training of both the employees and host families, they also arrange quizzes to ensure that those that need to really understand the details and how to apply them, really do. The guardian organisation undertake regular safer internet training and e-safety as part of the overall safeguarding training.
Schools comment on their professionalism and good level of knowledge about their students.
Like many guardian organisations at this interesting time for the industry, Icon Education are adapting their model in order to best support the students in these difficult times.”

The highest level of accreditation