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Launchpad Education UK Ltd (LEUK Ltd) Gains Gold Standard Accreditation

By Aegis UK May 2, 2024

Launchpad Education is an educational consultancy specialising in guardianship, and private education and tuition services for international students studying at primary and secondary level. Since being awarded AEGIS Preliminary accreditation in 2021, Launchpad Education UK Ltd has steadily grown the guardianship side of their business.

The lead inspector reported,

“Homestays are thoughtfully selected, to ensure that they are able to provide comfortable accommodation and understand the importance of involving the student in family life. Checks in line with the AEGIS requirements are undertaken prior to a family hosting…The Client Welfare Director and Student Liaison Officer explained how they maintain a close eye on students to ensure that they are settled and happy while studying in the UK. They regularly communicate via a messaging app or phone. Visits to school take place as required.”

Gold standard is the highest level of inspection and accreditation for guardianship organisations in the UK