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List of AEGIS members offering residential courses during school holidays

By Aegis UK February 13, 2020

Academic Families Half term trips Lorna Clayton: lorna@academicfamilies.com

Bright World GuardianshipsHalf term and Easter Programmes – Charlotte Hamson: charlotte@brightworld.co.uk

Cambridge Guardian Angels Easter Programme – Julia Evans: julia@cambridge-guardian-angels.com

Connexcel – Easter Programmes –  John Zhang and Katie Nie: info@connexcel.co.uk

Etherton Education – Easter Revision Course – Peter Etherton: peter@ethertoneducation.com

James-Lee Consultancy – Easter Programme – Irene Lee: irene.lee@jamesleeconsultancy.com

Living Learning English – Half term & Easter Programmes – Kate Hargreaves: Kate@livingenglish.com

Oxford Guardians – Half term and Easter Programmes – Sarah Bacon: sarah@oxfordguardians.com

Quest Guardians Ltd – Easter Programmes – Richard Cullum: office@questguardians.co.uk

Study Links – Half term & Easter Programmes – Dianne Senior: dianne@studylinks.co.uk

UK2Learn – 2 week Summer Programme – Suzie Mackie: smackie@uk2learn.com