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Moreton Hall Joins AEGIS!

By Aegis UK May 31, 2022

Moreton Hall, established in 1913, is a leading independent boarding and day school for girls aged 3-18 and boys aged 3-13, a total of 370 students.

Taken from the School website:

“Moreton Hall has been welcoming international students since the 1950s from all over the world.  Our first Chinese students joined us over 25 years ago and our traditional, Shropshire boarding school has been culturally enriched by these students, opening the eyes of our British students to a much wider world, in which recognising cultural differences and developing tolerance and mutual respect is paramount. 

All our international students are fully integrated into the main school programme but are supported every step of the way by our team of EAL teachers.  Academic excellence, a tailored curriculum, focus on well-being and a wide range of extra-curricular activities are the cornerstones of the school where every student is nurtured and encourage to fulfil their potential.

All international students are given a bespoke timetable, tailored to their own requirements and are provided with EAL lessons at no extra charge.

International students have the opportunity to work towards external examinations such as PET, FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS as well as following the standard GCSE and A Level curriculum.

International pupils are welcome as either full boarders or day students from Year 4, age 8 – 9 years old. Pupils younger than Year 4 are day students in Moreton Prep. Boys leave the school after Year 8, while girls only continue until Year 13.”   

For further details please visit: https://moretonhall.org/

AEGIS membership demonstrates the School’s commitment to safe guardianship of international students