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New AEGIS Guardianship Guide for Member Schools

By Aegis UK May 22, 2022

The spotlight has never been more firmly on educational guardianship, with the challenges of the pandemic and the revised National Minimum Standards for Boarding Schools (Standard 22) making it a key concern for schools. 
AEGIS has been providing its school members with critical advice and support over the last few very difficult terms, and we are developing a range of resources to help even further – providing schools with the tools to meet the ever-evolving requirements in supporting their international students.
This new range of resources includes a comprehensive Educational Guardianship Guide for Boarding Schools.  This document provides advice on all of the key areas that schools need to focus, from an overview of guardianship organisations themselves in terms of their different structures, reporting lines and packages, to the legal responsibilities of the parties involved in guardianship, as well as providing guidelines for strengthening School Guardianship Agreements. Educational guardianship involves a complex relationship of responsibilities between parents, schools and guardians, and it is vital that school staff understand how these responsibilities operate.

The AEGIS team looks forward to supporting and working with our member schools in the terms ahead and we hope you enjoy the resources and training that we have planned. If you are interested in becoming an AEGIS Member School, please contact Sophie Lindsay via sophie@aegisuk.net.