Academic Families Ltd

By yasemin August 8, 2019

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<p class=”pad-bot20″><a href=””><strong style=”color: #005499; font-size: 1em;”>Academic Families </strong></a><span class=”orange” style=”font-size: 1em;”>supports our students at boarding schools throughout the UK.</span>

We are rightly proud of <a class=”blue” href=””>our guardianship services</a> </strong>which ensure your child has all the support they require. In consultation with you, we will tailor a suitable programme depending on the level of service you choose.


<p class=”blue”>A home away from home

Provide a caring family home when your child is not at school with our screened selection of loving host families.


<span class=”blue”>Care and attention</span>

&bull; Keep in regular contact with your child when they are at school.<br />&bull; Assist with shopping for essentials such as a school uniform, mobile, laptop, etc.<br />&bull; Help in medical emergencies.


<p class=”blue”>Help to adjust, fit in and succeed

&bull; Help your child settle into school academically and culturally.<br />&bull; Attend their Parent-Teacher meeting, report back to you, and follow up on any issues required.<br />&bull; Assistance finding an academic tutor for your child.<br />&bull; Support your child at special school events such as plays or sports matches. We will cheer them on and share in their achievements!<br />&bull; Organise a gift for your child. We are especially good at organising birthday cakes, flowers, helium balloons, and other personal gifts and little surprises.<br />&bull; Look after your child&rsquo;s best interests while at school and lend a helping hand where needed.


<span class=”blue”>Help with logistics and travel</span>

&bull; Arrange airport greetings and transfers to/from your child&rsquo;s school.<br />&bull; Help you when you visit your child in the UK.

<br /><span class=”blue”>Making the most of their time in the UK</span>

&bull; Advice and support if your child is taking English Language courses prior to attending their chosen school or during term breaks.<br />&bull; Arrange courses and work placements as required.


<p class=”orange”>What to do when&hellip;?</strong>

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<p class=”blue”>During School Breaks

&bull; Let us know what your preference is and we can accommodate your wishes.


<p class=”blue”>In a crisis

&bull; We&rsquo;ve worked in international education for many years now and we&rsquo;ve seen it all. Despite meticulous planning, things can suddenly take a turn for the worse or catch you by surprise. We&rsquo;ve resolved all kinds of issues from expired passports to medical emergencies. Whatever the situation is, we&rsquo;re there in a flash.<br />&bull; We also offer emergency guardianship coverage for extra protection to guarantee our support and assistance.

<a href=””><span class=”blue”>Contact us</span></a> </strong>to learn more about how to protect your child 24/7.


<p class=”blue”>After graduation from boarding school

&bull; Most of our host families maintain their strong relationships with their children when they leave school and go on to university &ndash; like the best families, we become friends for life.<br />&bull; Some children are hoping to advance to university in the UK. We can also offer support and advice here, too.

<a href=””><span class=”blue”>Contact us</span></a> </strong>today to discuss how we can support your child attending your chosen British boarding school.