Best Start Education

By Offshorly Dev August 8, 2019

We offer highly personalised guardianship and school/university selection service. We have different levels of guardianship depending on your needs. Our founder is a qualified teacher with many years of teaching experience in both state and private sectors in the UK and is well placed to be able to offer students and parents a high level of relevant academic advice and support. Employees of the company are also parents, so we have insider knowledge of the British educational system. When it comes to any concerns you may have and the responsibility that lies with you – we have been there ourselves.

“Best Start Education is an excellent example of a small Guardianship Organisation who encompasses all that AEGIS stands for in providing a safe and highly efficient service to students and their parents” – James Davies, Lead Inspector, May 2017

Services include

• staying in touch with parents and the child at all times

• providing a caring family home to the students during holidays and exeat weekends (when your child’s school is closed)

• arranging meeting at the airport and transfer to the school, accompanying the student if needed

• helping the student to settle into school

• purchasing school uniform, stationary and other day to day items

• facilitating getting a SIM card

• attending parent-teacher meetings and sending reports to parents

• monitoring academic achievements of your child and creating a support plan if needed

• finding tutors and booking courses when needed

• paying any extra expenses from the deposit (such as extra uniform, school trips, music lessons) on behalf of the parents if needed.

• arranging birthday celebrations, organising flower deliveries and cakes.


“Nothing is too much trouble for the staff involved with Best Start Education” – James Davies, Lead Inspector, May 2017

“Schools, students, homestays and parents all report extremely high levels of satisfaction with the work of Best Start Education” – James Davies, Lead Inspector, May 2017

We understand the importance of the wellbeing and happiness of your child and recognise it as our priority. Please contact us for professional advice you can trust and support you can rely on.