Gateway Guardianship UK Ltd

By yasemin August 8, 2019

At Gateway, we provide a full-service education management solution and have been established as experts for 15 years. We offer international students not only the access to exceptional academic institutions but also the support to make a difference in their day to day lives. We are connected, responsible and adaptable partners of our students, schools, agent counsellors and families. Our solutions include nurturing homestay and hands-on logistical support during a student’s stay.

Guardianship</strong><br />At Gateway, our role is to provide multi-layered support for all students as they embark on an exciting educational, cultural and life journey.<br />Our guardianship program ensures student welfare and safety is never compromised<br />The Gateway Guardianship Service Promise covers every aspect of the students&rsquo; welfare and includes but is not limited to:<br />&bull; Meet and Greet service on arrival<br />&bull; Assistance with travel arrangements<br />&bull; Support with visa applications and extensions<br />&bull; Representing student academic interests<br />&bull; Attending parents&rsquo; evenings<br />&bull; Regular feedback to parents<br />&bull; 24/7 support

Schools</strong><br />The path to academic success<br />We believe that students should take the best path possible and have an incredible learning environment and we work with an extensive network of schools across both the US and UK.<br />Each of our schools offer outstanding academic learning along with:<br />&bull; Large variety of sports and extracurricular activities<br />&bull; Low teacher to student ratios<br />&bull; Small class sizes<br />&bull; Top-grade teaching facilities<br />&bull; College/University counselling

Homestay</strong><br />At Gateway, we provide something special&hellip; and that is the chance to fully immerse oneself in the chosen country&rsquo;s culture and stay with a host family.<br />Having their own room, place to study and being part of the host family creates a much more engaging and enjoyable experience and provides a fully-rounded environment for students.<br />Our accommodation officers conduct in-person interviews, home inspections and initiate background checks for safety. They become very familiar with each of our host families and because of this special relationship, they can match the student to the host family and provide support to both the host family and student at all times.<br />To find out more about Gateway and the services we provide, please contact us today!