Global Educational Guardians

By Offshorly Dev August 8, 2019

The “Children Act” was adopted in the UK In 1989, it states that all minor children studying in the UK for more than 7 weeks, need a legal guardian, in the event that these children live in the UK without their parents. In accordance with this document, all UK schools who wish to accept students from abroad require to have a guardian for a child. Neither schools, nor employees of the school have a right to take care of children who are studying in that educational establishment.

Global Guardians Ltd. (GEG) wants to make sure that your child has a first-class environment at the time of study in the UK.

GEG was founded in 2011 by a group of professionals with over 100 years of combined experience in the field of international education! Our aim is to help foreign students to enroll in the British school, college or university of their choice, and to take care of the students during their education in the UK, as their guardian.

Our team members help international students to integrate into the British education system, and then enter the best universities in the UK.

If you are sending a son or daughter to study in the UK school, the immigration authorities require your child to have a guardian, who will take over the responsibility for your child, since you live in another country.

GEG aims to provide high quality level of services and to exceed the expectations of both parents and students.