Living Learning English Guardianship

By Offshorly Dev August 8, 2019

<p class=”blue”>Living Learning English Guardianship offers a complete Educational Guardianship Service providing support, care and supervision and educational guidance for overseas students studying at boarding schools in the UK. We want to ensure that their stay is safe, enjoyable and beneficial.<br />We have a dedicated team of guardianship managers available to support your child throughout their academic journey. Our guardianship team will visit your child at school to check their welfare and academic progress. We provide parents with the reassurance of a 24-hour support line to offer care and assistance to their child in the event of an emergency.<br />We can arrange your child&rsquo;s airport transfers and make arrangements for your child to stay with a host family during leave weekends or during the school holidays. We can help your child with any problems they have at school and celebrate their success with them.<br />Our nationwide network of host families are all qualified teachers who can also offer English language tuition and subject tuition to our pupils during school holiday and leave weekends. They can also help your child with their homework.

<p class=”blue”>They can offer our pupils English home tuition courses to prepare your child for study in the UK before they arrive at their new school.&nbsp;<span style=”font-size: 1em;”>Our English host teachers and their families are friendly, welcoming, will help students settle in to British culture before moving to school for their studies and throughout their time at boarding school. </span>

<p class=”blue”><span style=”font-size: 1em;”>In addition, we can offer extra tuition and revision during term time via our online tuition platform so that your child&rsquo;s educational needs can also be supported further.</span>

<p class=”blue”>&lsquo;<em>The professional understanding of boarding schools and the environment that the pupils are living in by the guardianship organisation has helped the business become a well-established and respected operator in this sector</em>&rsquo; – LLEG AEGIS Inspection Report</strong>