By yasemin August 8, 2019

UK2Learn Guardianship was established in 2006 by Suzie Mackie with the aim of providing high-quality caring, personal and professional care for international and overseas students. All UK2Learn guardianship students are in safe, professional and, above all, caring hands with Suzie and her team. 

The final summary of judgement from our most recent accreditation report in June 2017 read:   ”…. this Guardianship Organisation offers an outstanding level of care to its students, and both Inspectors have no hesitation in recommending that UK2Learn should be re-accredited without the need for delay.

Feedback from schools, Homestays and students testifies to the exceptionally positive relations UK2Learn have established with all parties. Its staff show an excellent understanding of their charges and their needs, and this is supported by high levels of personal contact both with the students and with their schools.’

The conclusion read: ’As is readily acknowledged by schools, parents, Homestays and the students themselves, UK2Learn produces the highest standards in pastoral care for its students. The staff are efficient, diligent and above all caring in all they do for their charges, and this Guardianship Organisation deserves every encouragement to develop its operations further and to reach a widening circle of international students. They are an excellent advertisement for AEGIS. I would have no hesitation in recommending that UK2Learn should be re-accredited immediately.’