By yasemin August 8, 2019

&bull; 24/7 <a class=”red” href=”” target=”_blank”>guardianship service</a>, covering the whole of the UK.

&bull; Range of <a class=”red” href=”” target=”_blank”>guardianship packages</a>, starting at just 190 GBP per term – comprehensive packages for overseas students as well as special packages for European students and university students.

&bull; Friendly, experienced, international team and every student is appointed a dedicated Guardianship Coordinator.

&bull; Regular contact with students, parents, schools and agents.

&bull; Acting on behalf of parents with issues in the school.

&bull; We care about the welfare of every student and assist them in becoming independent young adults.

&bull; <a class=”red” href=”” target=”_blank”>Academic mentoring and monitoring services</a>&nbsp;available, allowing students to reach their full potential.

&bull; <a class=”red” href=”” target=”_blank”>Qualified and experienced tutors</a> on hand to provide extra support to students upon request.

&bull; Good connections with day and boarding schools and universities in all areas of the UK.

&bull; We can help students to gain admission into the best <a class=”red” href=”” target=”_blank”>schools</a> and <a class=”red” href=”” target=”_blank”>universities</a> in the UK, enabling the best for their future.

&bull; Free university placement service for every student.

&bull; Our carefully selected and inspected host families protect and care for students in their homes across the whole of the UK.

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