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Prima Guardian Awarded Preliminary Accreditation

By Aegis UK August 30, 2022

We welcome our first Thai guardianship organisation as a Preliminary member of AEGIS – Prima Guardian.

Prima Guardian was founded in October 2019 and is run solely by the Director, who also acts as Designated Safeguarding Lead. Currently the guardianship organisation cares for students from Thailand.
The lead inspector commented:

“The Director has been keen to embrace the AEGIS requirements and overall demonstrates an adequate knowledge of the expectations. Understanding of the importance of safeguarding was sufficiently secure, with an example being given of how information was shared with relevant parties in order to safeguard a student. Likewise, the importance of safer recruitment was understood.”

Preliminary Accreditation ensures all the essential requirements are in place to provide safe guardianship & hosting

AEGIS provides the highest level of inspection and accreditation in the UK