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Promoting a Racially Tolerant Culture within your setting, 13th January 2021

By admin July 13, 2020

AEGIS fully supports the movement to tackle racism and discrimination of any type – positive change is needed.
On 15th June 2020 the Independent Schools Council issued this statement: https://www.isc.co.uk/media-enquiries/news-press-releases-statements/black-lives-matter/
The statement explains how ISI assesses the way that schools deal with discrimination:
“Like Ofsted, the ISI considers how effectively schools deal with discrimination, including racism, in all its forms. Inspectors review policies and, crucially, evaluate the effectiveness of their implementation through interviews with pupils and teachers, anonymous questionnaires and opportunities to speak individually with inspectors. Where a school fails to encourage respect for others and/or deal effectively with racism, it will be judged as not meeting the standards and the DfE as regulator will take any appropriate action.”

We are therefore extremely pleased to be working with the very highly regarded Ann Marie Christian, safeguarding practitioner and qualified social worker since 1996, who regularly delivers safeguarding training and more recently, training around racial discrimination.


Ann Marie has specialised in safeguarding from 1992 and specialised within education and childcare settings since being a school based social worker in 1999. In 2010, she became an independent social worker and provides associate consultancy and training to various organisations including NSPCC, Local Authorities, Council of International Schools, AEGIS, Premier League, Multi Academy Trusts and more.


Wednesday 13th January 2021, 9.30 – 12.30, via Zoom.

What will the course cover?

Exploring cultural harmful practices and the belief systems behind them.
Understanding how our own bias exists in our practice and affects our decision making.
Understanding culture shock.

The course will be relevant to both school and guardianship organisations.


£80 Members
£100 Non Members


Please contact Sharon to register: sharon@aegisuk.net