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WEBINAR: Defining the Value Proposition to International Families in Light of VAT – Thursday 23rd May, 12.00

By Aegis UK May 2, 2024

AEGIS is delighted to be able to offer its Member Schools a webinar delivered by MTM Consulting.


The addition of Value Added Tax (VAT) on independent school fees has undoubtedly altered the financial landscape for both domestic and international families. For international families, the increase in fees can significantly impact their affordability considerations. This shift underscores the importance of clearly delineating the value proposition offered by UK independent schools.
Join our highly experienced panel, consisting of Dominic Moon from Metropolis Education, David Milner from Sedbergh School, Susan Fang (OxBridge Holdings), Daniel Cohen from MTM Consulting and Sophie Lindsay from AEGIS as they discuss why schools should be looking to define the value proposition to international families in the light of VAT on school fees and how they can do this effectively.
Thursday 23rd May 2024 at 12.00, via Zoom
Free for AEGIS member schools
Please complete this quick and easy online form to book your place: BOOK HERE