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Welcome Home UK Guardians Passes Preliminary Re-Accreditation

By Aegis UK May 14, 2024

Welcome Home UK Guardians is based in Lancashire and aims to provide reliable, safe and caring guardianship services. 

The lead inspector reported,
“The Director prides herself on knowing her students well and puts a great deal of emphasis on her relationship with the parents of those students.  She has recruited her homestay families with all due care to safer recruitment practices and ensures that those host families are aware of safeguarding policies and procedures.  The Director of Welcome Home UK Guardians maintains a close relationship with homestay families and visits them often. Through regular contact with the students and their families, the Director can monitor the students’ well-being and is mindful of the potential issues surrounding this area.
Communication with school staff has tended to be reactive, not proactive. Examples of email communication were seen that demonstrate how the guardian has supported students and school staff in resolving issues.”

Preliminary accreditation ensures all the essential requirements are in place to provide educational guardianship